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Open Kvarken kommer att etablera permanenta Open Source kompetenscenters i kvarken:

ucoss.pngUCOSS in Umeå and VCOSS in Vaasa vcosslogo.jpg

Besök också Open Kvarken hemsidan för mera information.

Open Kvarken i Bryssel

Yle FST om open source och Open kvarken (på svenska).

Open Source is not a zero-sum game like in Fairy Tales but grows when sharing the source code. Sharing source code is a win-win game! <

How to get success in R&D?

"Acceptance of failure is the name of the R&D game ... in order to get to the golden eggs you have to hatch as many eggs as possible. There’s no other way. " Rina Pridor

Be Sure to check out the new Webconfrence system
Openmeetings we are currently working with. If
you are intrested in learning more about Openmeetings
feel free to use and test it on our own finnish server Here.
Login: user , Pass: user.
Also available is three Swedish Videos about Openmeetings.

If you would be intrested in getting private Rooms, having
you own Openmeetings server or need help. Just contact us
here at /Mikael