Computer Tracking



is a lightweight application that will help you track and find your
laptop if it ever gets stolen. It works in all operating systems and not
only is it Open Source but also completely free.


Geo-location aware

Prey uses wifi hotspots to locate devices geographically. In GPS
enabled phones, Prey uses their embedded GPS to get the location. You’d
be amazed by the precision of the mapping!

Prey auto connect

Wifi autoconnect

Prey checks if there’s an active internet connection to send the
information. If not, it will attempt to connect to the nearest open wifi
access point available. This gives you a better chance to locate the

Prey auto connect


Yes, this is
a feature. Prey is written in bash which means it has virtually no
dependencies, only what its different modules need to work. This also
means Prey is portable and should run in just about any computer.

Prey auto connect

Modular architecture

You can add, remove and configure the different parts of Prey as you
wish. Prey is composed by modules, each one performing a specific task,
so you can have it as you like.

Powerful report system

Powerful report system

Get the list of current running programs, the recently modified files,
active connections, running uptime, take a screenshot of the running
desktop or even a picture of the guy who’s using the computer.

Messaging system

Messaging/alert system

You can alert the user he’s being chased at by sending messages
which’ll appear on screen. You can also trigger alarms to make the
message clear not only to him but also to whomever is nearby. Be careful
with this one!

Module auto-installer

Full auto updater

You don’t have to reinstall Prey each time by hand to keep up with the
latest and greatest features. If enabled, Prey will verify its current
version (and each one of its modules) and will automatically fetch an
update everything for you.