Portable Apps


About the applikation

is an innovative open source solution that allows you to run
applications directly from any portable storage media. The program works
on USB sticks and memory cards for example external hard discs and
iPods. PortableApps.com is currently translated into 33 languages.


Programs included:

  • 7-Zip Portable
  • AbiWord Portable
  • aMSN Portable
  • FileZilla Portable
  • GIMP Portable
  • InfraRecorder Portable
  • Inkscape Portable
  • Mozilla Firefox Portable
  • Mozilla Tunderbird Portable
  • Notepad ++ Portable
  • Nvu Portable - Webdesign
  • Open Office 3 Calc Portable
  • Open Office 3 Draw Portable
  • Open Office 3 Impress Portable
  • Open Office 3 Math Portable
  • Open Office 3 Writer Portable
  • Putty Portable - SSH client
  • Sumatra PDF Portable
  • Toucan Portable
  • VLC Player Portable
  • WinSCP Portable


System Requirements:
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
RAM: 512 MB

has an active community and new applications are added daily. You can
also request on their forum which programs should be made compatible.
However, this requires that the software license allows modification and
redistribution. It is also possible to download and install more 
applications from PortableApps.coms website. There is a fairly wide
range to choose from and the majority of these applications are open

Usage Scenarios

PortableApps.com is a real asset in certain situations:

that you have made a presentation in Open Office Impress. When you are
about to give the presentation, you notice that only Microsoft Office is
installed on your computer, no OpenOffice. Then you can easily use the
USB stick where you have PortableApps.com and run the presentation using
the software installed of the stick.

Companies can distribute
memory sticks with PortableApps.com to their employees and teachers can
distribute it to their students. These who have PortableApps can freely
choose computer and place without the need to reflect more on whether
the necessary software is installed on the computers or not.

you're traveling, you might only have access to a computer in the hotel
lobby or at an Internet café. In this situation you have neither the
time nor the permission to start downloading and installing any
programs. With PortableApps. com on the USB stick you can use the
applications you need without having to download and install anything at

PortableApps.com is available in dozens of languages. You can change language by clicking Options > Language.