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Ready products

Start Kit http://vcoss.fi/startkit/index.php In accordance with the
Open Kvarken project plan we have developed a new tool called The Start
Kit. This is an on line repository of Open Source software solutions for

1 Home computers
2 Office computers
3 Basic Business Kit
4 Web Development

This is a handy on line repository for SME:s and start up companies when they want to save money by using Open Source Software.


is an innovative open source solution that allows you to run
applications directly from any portable storage media. The program works
on USB sticks and memory cards for example external hard discs and
iPods. PortableApps.com is currently translated into 33 languages.
included in PortableApps: Open Office 3, 7-Zip, AbiWord, aMSN,
FileZilla, GIMP, InfraRecorder, Inkscape, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla
Thunderbird, Notepad ++, Nvu-Webdesign Portable, Putty - SSH client,
Sumatra PDF, Toucan, VLC Player, WinSCP.

PortableApps.com has an
active community and new applications are added daily. You can also
request on their forum which programs should be made compatible.
However, this requires that the software license allows modification and
redistribution. It is also possible to download and install more 
applications from PortableApps.coms website. There is a fairly wide
range of open source applications to choose from.

Ubuntu stand alone + thin client.
Open Kvarken project has recirculated 80 old computers with Ubuntu in
our region and is testing 16 Mini PC:s (Asprie One for 314 €)

reused old computers are in use in Vörå-Maxmo and the mini laptops have
been tested in several schools in the region. The concept of reusing
old computers from universities and affordable mini laptops could save
lots of money if applied to the whole region. The municipality of
Korsholm only uses Linux + open office in the first grades 1-6 in their
educational sector.

OpenMeetins integration with Moodle for universities

summer the integration between OpenMeetings and Moodle has been
finished. OpenMeetings is a web meeting tool equivalent to Adobe Connect
Moodle is a free and open source e-learning software platform,
also known as a Course Management System, Learning Management System, or
Virtual Learning Environment. It has a significant user base with
49,256 registered sites with 28,177,443 users in 2,571,855 courses

A professional videoconferencing tool

our seminar the 6th of October a professional open source
videoconferencing tool will be presented by Sesca Innovations. Later on
it will be implemented by JNT (Jakobstad Network & Telecom) and
tested by 1200 IT companies registered at www.kvarken.com.

This will give the source code for a tunneling tool that will enable i.e. Ekiga to go through firewalls.


20 server solutions will be presented for the educational sector, public administration and private sector:

OpenMeetings + Moodle


Zimbra /Samba


Open Sis / School Tool





OpenBravo /POS